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Welcome to the International Conference "Apitherapy for Children 2024"! We are excited to bring together experts in the field of apitherapy to discuss and share their knowledge on the benefits of using bee products for children's health.

Nina Ilič
President of the conference

The international conference Apitherapy for Children 2024 carries the central message:

'Apitherapy for children does not know the placebo effect - all results are genuine and credible'

and is oriented toward the future. When we think about the future, it is wise to pay the most attention to two interconnected spheres - we need to think about children because they are our future and about the responsible preservation of bees because without them there is no future. Therefore, in addition to the educational goal, the conference is designed to raise awareness about the importance of bees, biodiversity, and a healthy way of life in coexistence with nature.

The organizers wish to prepare a professional meeting of top experts from the ranks of qualified apitherapists, medical doctors, pharmacists, nutritionists, beekeepers, educators, and the interested public. The purpose of the conference is, therefore, the exchange of professional knowledge in the field of apitherapy for children, awareness of responsibility in apitherapy for children (including principles), identification of standards and methodology of professional apitherapy for children, and definition of quality or standards of appropriate bee products for the implementation of apitherapy for children.

With the Apitherapy for Children 2024 conference, we aim to encourage the competent authorities to introduce regulations for all other bee products on the market, in addition to the existing regulations on honey. The first manual on the topic of apitherapy for children will be presented, along with the API kindergartens and schools APIS RETIS network and opportunities for international networking.

When we step together, we create together. Creating together makes us invincible as a strong and healthy bee colony. We look forward to seeing you!

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