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 Nina Ilič

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Flying Around a Beehive 2

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Apipedagogy & Apitherapy for Children

Whether you are an experienced beekeeper / apitherapist / educator or just starting out, this guide is for you. In 'Apipedagogy and apitherapy for children', apitherapist Nina shares her professional knowledge and experience, which covers everything from the basics of working with children for beginners to advanced techniques used by professional beekeepers, apitherapists and educators.

The unique manual provides clear and practical guidelines for the implementation of a whole range of socially beneficial activities, when, by sharing her knowledge and experience, she provides insight into the wonderful world of children, bees, apitherapy, democracy, children's rights and a global innovation: apipedagogy.

Writer and apitherapist Nina, in collaboration with the City of Ljubljana, was the first in the world to introduce professional apitherapy in kindergartens and schools. In the manual, she conveys her rich experience, knowledge and love to the reader with incredible ease and introduces the reader to all the necessary facts related to the basics of apitherapy and apipedagogy, healthy nutrition, selection of bee products, honey massage and various other activities in the kindergarten.

The manual Apipedagogika & apitherapy for children in the Croatian language was presented for the first time at the opening of the international fair of agriculture, agricultural equipment and machinery CROAGRO & the fair of nutrition and healthy living at the Zagreb Fair on November 30, 2023. The interview with the author, Nina Ilič from Kočevje, Slovenia, was also attended minister - economic advisor mag. Dušan Pšeničnik.

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Take a look at what others have said about my work:

'Nina's writing is powerful and thought-provoking.'

~ Dr.Sc.Med. Zorica Plavšić pulmonologist, allergist, apitherapist

'The manual Apipedagogika & apitherapy for children is very useful, comprehensive, very informative and interesting.'
~ Ariana Penava, M.Sc. nutrition

''Dear Nina, we received your booklet and we are delighted, thank you!'

~ Simonida Koželj, reflexologist and aunt

''Dear Nina, Thank you for the EKRAMS booklet. I read it twice with pleasure. The loving relationship you have with your daughter Enija and the way you describe this relationship involuntarily reminds me of Cankar and his mother. He also knew how to describe it so movingly that tears come to the reader's eyes.'

~ Franc Šivic, beekeeper


Here are some more reviews from readers like you:

'I couldn't put it down'

~ dr. sc. Gordana Hegić, M.Sc. ing. agr.

Dear Nina, I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for the manual Apipedagogika & apitherapy for children. I sincerely congratulate you on the publication of this manual, which introduces the reader, especially children, to the fascinating world of bees and their products in a professional and interesting way.
There is knowledge in the manual that gives us something more. It has a connecting and educational function. There is a lot of information in one place. For me, as the mentor of the beekeeping circle, the most interesting chapters are Safety and responsibility at the apiary and Rules of good behavior.
Dear Nina, I believe that based on your knowledge and experience so far (Per aspera ad astra - Through difficulties to the stars), you will continue to build a beautiful ApiZgodba.
I wish you luck and success in spreading ApiKnowledge among people.
~ Gordana Vidić,


My books are interesting to different profiles of people:

'I can't wait to see what Nina writes next.'

- Mateja Lang Kordiš,


'Gloria really liked the EKRAMS fairy tale, she carries it with her all day.
An interesting and heartwarming denouement.
I would highly recommend the Ekrams book. A wonderful story with an unpleasant accident of a little girl and a loving mother who reacts to the accident of a little girl as everyone would like and with a very useful, natural and effective recipe for baby bruises.
Everything is very nicely connected. She's perfect. All events and feelings very nicely presented. My daughter can hardly put this book down. '
- Dolores Primožič, 


'Thank you for writing this informative book, as soon as I complete it I will be giving it to my daughter in Canada. Again thank you.'

~ Richard Warner, beekeeper

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Stay tuned for upcoming events where you can meet me and learn more about my work!

For information on cultural events in Nina's homeland Slovenia, visit the Slovenian page.

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Radio show "Apitherapist Nina advises"

Radio Univox

with the possibility of monitoring via the Internet

Every first Tuesday of the month 2024, 17:00 - 17:35

(in case of a holiday, postponement to the following Tuesday) 


For lectures on apitherapy and apipedagogy and other workshops, you are kindly invited to follow the network of API kindergartens and schools APIS RETIS.


About Nina

Hello, and welcome to my writing portfolio. I am a writer with a passion for storytelling. My work explores themes of identity, professional knowledge in the field of apitherapy and pedagogy, relationships, human rights and fundamental freedoms and the human experience. Through my writing, I strive to create meaningful connections with my readers.

Thank you for visiting my portfolio, and I hope you enjoy my work.

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